Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obscura T-Shirt Paypal Page


  1. hey i love the show and all the wacky people im going to new york city in january and will stop in hopefully you have WWI, WWII german and prussian artifacts :) continue witht he crazy show

  2. Hello! I was in your shop yesterday and bought a beautiful alligator purse and 2 tshirts. You were out of the XL octopus shirt- will you be getting more in stock? Thanks!

  3. Dear Obscura

    I was wondering if you have anything like this... also your email address is not working so I thought i would let you know.

    Boy Scout Memorabilia
    old compasses (i would prefer military but if its interesting... that's good to)
    live steam engines
    things associated with The poor fellow soldiers of Christ and the temple of Solomon (Knights Templar)
    Society for creative anachronism's (SCA) armor

    Thank you in advance

  4. hi sugary tits. when will store item stuff be on your site?
    i'm an extremely classy shopper and would contemplate visiting your stuff and may pay nice dollars.
    i am very saught after because so vibrants and classy and it behoov you to purchase customer.
    not even want mony from stor for me to visit .
    krissy hursch

  5. pleses make stuff soon or trouble. ok
    very uppr end person to punk dances real good very cool.
    wow to hav i as custumer good for people to no.
    wow impresd
    forever luvs i . sppeedy to picturse on site or else mad!
    krissy chaos hirsch

    1. you have such beautiful silloite i would love to meet and have lunch sometime

  6. Well, after reading the above comments, "oddities" surely is the icing on the cake! Thanks Evan and Mike for taking my friend request. Was just looking through your online site. Take care guys....Including Ryan whom I need to talk to about purchasing a skull. You guys are the best! Keep it real guys!
    Brian Wilson